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The shirt is a woman

The shirt is a woman

There are very few fashion garments that have the merit of having gone through ages, decades and generations of fashionistas: women’s shirts are one of those garments and even if we can’t deny that counting the various types and models would be practically impossible, we can certainly tell you how important it is that you have so many in your wardrobe, whatever your style.

Classic with original details
Putting on your favorite blue shirt is the most obvious style gesture you can do on Saturday morning: but why limit it to the weekend? The classic women’s shirts have been redesigned in such a way that these shirts are no longer just part of a look, to be combined with a blazer, just to say.

Funnel-shaped sleeves and beaded embroidery make these shirts the real protagonists of a look, for every day of the week.

Modern cuts
Asymmetric and combined with a maxi skirt with pleats in a darker shade of blue: how modern fashion can reinterpret a classic women’s shirt and bring it to the planet of femininity with simple but bold details.

Chic transparency
If you want an evening look that stands out for refinement and absolute simplicity you must learn the art of wearing transparent shirts: The women’s silk shirt represents that discreet femininity, that way of dressing up for an occasion without revealing that you’ve worked too hard .

Combine it with this season’s must-have, the sporty triangle bra, and you’ll be perfect for the evening.

Denim shirts
If you are looking for something hip and fun, opt for a denim shirt with a vintage effect wash, with a clean and relaxed silhouette: the revolutionary element is the embroidery with star and flames to show off on the pocket at your heart.

If you want to capture attention, this is the way to do it in style.

The classic white shirt
OK, how to deal with white shirts Women ? While we can easily imagine a man’s wardrobe with dozens of white buttoned shirts, with their clean and pure soul, ironed to perfection, with cuffs ready to land on cologne-scented wrists, on the other we can’t say that a woman’s wardrobe counts for as many. If you want to start having the same simple elegance, try with a shirt that recalls the same male silhouette, but at the same time offers feminine elements such as the small and rounded collar and the hidden pocket.

Looking for fashion made in Australia? Here is the best in Melbourne stores

Looking for fashion made in Australia? Here is the best in Melbourne stores

We know that we focused mainly on the Big 4 fashion month when we gave advice on how to put together the best Paris Fashion Week style outfit for example, these fashion capitals and it is now that you discover it with us.

Australian fashion: the best shops in Melbourne

Kinki Gerlinki
Designed and produced here, Kinki Gerlinki is the Melbourne store that opts for funky and retro, an independent style that for 15 years has manifested itself with cute bags and accessories, as well as all the fashion statements you need. Located on Sydney Rd, Brunswick, the Kinki Gerlinki design team blends vintage and current trends.

Dejour Jeans
This is one of those hidden pearls that you can discover if you live in Melbourne because from the outside its high quality jeans are presented in an understated way . On Sydney Road, a place populated by brides in search of their dream dress, Dejour offers all types of jeans ever created, made with denim from Bradmill (a textile factory active in Australia since 1927).

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